24, midnight, halfway through the birthday.

I saw everyone on my phone screen, everyone I love. All the smiling faces I love. Which of course doesn’t feel enough, I want their smiles to pierce my heart and brain at the same time, first hand. This is not really gonna happen right now so, thank you science, I can see them on my dying phone at least.

The early hours started saying no to hunger. Cooked a full meal after a while. It’s been so many days since I cooked anything, exactly why, don’t ask me. But tonight feels good, only physically, if you minus the 93% humidity of Chittagong from the scenario. My body is probably thanking me with its whole heart, if it has any.

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are dancing in front of me right now. You know why Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani is good? Apart from everything pointless and quirky going on, Katrina in the movie didn’t have the face she has now. Anyway, the universe has sent me a cosmic signal via Instagram to watch it so here am I with almost closed eyes. I actually have no idea how many times I have watched it back in my school days. It’s running on a different tab, I’m playing the whole movie in my head just by listening to the audio. I didn’t know I knew the movie this well. I loved the TV when I was little. I was always around the living room, watching everything with everyone. And this, I kid you not, had crazy hype back then. I still remember the entertainment pages of newspapers with huge pictures of fetus Ranbir and Katrina. People in school used to cut them out; and rub their collection on everyone’s face. My energy was invested in listening to its beautiful soundtrack. Lovely songs I must say. I’m taking the liberty of thinking everyone remembers ‘shaining in the semek sam like polok pondi ocean kamon heel me feel me’.

it’s late. it feels lonely. it feels like nothing exists outside my questionably little flat. everything is so far away.

my heart dropped, somewhere in the Mariana Trench.

I do not have a very good feeling about tomorrow. Any Help Here Would Be Hot.

happy birthday, bol2 git2, may you along with everyone find happiness, soon.


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